Sunday, March 18, 2007

Inspired by Beth...

A week or so ago my friend Beth wrote a poem on her blog about the daily frustrations of motherhood and how we long for them not to end. She brought me to tears at 9am and I thought that wasn't early for crying. Beth is usually good for a great laugh. Her poem was pretty much my life minus the Barbie, Polly Pocket and girly hair stuff. Although there is girly hair stuff all over my house because my baby is in the "empty every drawer and cabinet I can get into " phase right now. Anywho...she inspired me to write my own poem. I borrowed a couple lines word for word I think, thanks Beth! Here it is...

"Welcome to my toybox!"
is the greeting you will hear
Take a look and you will find
three little boys are near

There are so many toys 'round here
my boys, they're spoiled rotten
I'll just take pictures of this mess
to be sure its not forgotten

There's a hippo in my kitchen
a tiny man is in my shoe
Puzzle pieces on the stairs
Rescue Heros too

Building blocks of every kind
are everywhere, its true
Legos, Wedgits, Tinker Toys
just to name a few

Diego and his animal friends
are scattered all around
and everywhere you look you'll see
Little People can be found

Light sabers are glowing
a battle is ensuing
Bennett's eating crayons
he doesn't care what they are doing

Balls are rolling all around
Books are lying here and there
To find something where it belongs
is really very rare

Little planes are under foot
Boats are setting sail
Rocket ships are taking flight
The trains are off their rail

If I step on one more car
I'm going to swear, I fear
They're going to end up in toy jail
with all the sporting gear

There's laundry to do and dishes to wash
and errands to be run
The floor should be swept and probably mopped
but I'd miss all the fun

One day this house will be quiet
One day I'll get some rest
I'm sure I"ll look back and think to myself
"Those days, they were the best!"

I did take many picture that illustrate my poem and I can not wait to do the layout in my album! In my old age I presume I will need the reminder of my frustrations to help me miss my children just a tiny bit less!


Beth said...

I like yours better!

Scrappinggrandmama said...

I would love to read Beth's poem also. Is it posted anywhere?

Dawn said...

I do not have permission to post a link to Beth's poem. Sorry, you'll have to trust me that it is wonderful!