Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ahhh Phooey...

I've been away far longer than I had intended...what is it they say about intentions? Hell is paved with them? I certainly can not verify that but I can say that the past two weeks have been a bit hellish with our soccer schedule and the ending of school. Can I just say that with three kids, two of them in elementary school, dealing with the amount of paper and "stuff" that came home in the last two weeks was ridiculous! My kitchen table went from being completely empty (except for the napkin basket which belongs in the center) to this:
Two desks regurgitated all over my table; Sam left everything he brought home on the bench in the foyer!

 Among all of the things to be recycled, thrown out and saved for next year there were some wonderful surprises! Andrew brought home these:

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And Bennett brought home these:

The art teacher does not send home projects as they are completed. Each student has a portfolio and everything is sent home at once at the end of the year so I get to hear about their projects but do not get to see them until many months later in most cases.

I will also admit that the things that need to be saved for next year (scissors, rulers, pencil boxes etc.) are still on the table...putting them away has been on my "To do" list for more than a week now...

On to more fun things that are going on! Tammy Garcia over at Daisy Yellow is hosting her annual Index Card A Day from June 1 through July 31. I discovered Tammy at the end of June last year and decided to jump on the ICAD band wagon July 1st. I made three cards and lost my way...This year however I was prepared ahead of time and have all five of my cards done. I'm using 4x6 with the intention of putting them in a small photo album at the end. So far so good!

Here are June 1 and 2:

This is my cat Dash. Book text, watercolor crayon and Stabilo pencil.

Dylusions Spray Ink, Staz On, glass bead gel, hydrus watercolor, metal keys.
My intentions today are to make ICAD #6 and finish my third list in my 52 Lists project so that I can post tomorrow Weeks 2 and 3. We'll see how today goes, I have to take Bennett to the dentist for an emergency visit...poor guy. More on that later when I know more myself...

Thanks for stopping by and as always please leave a comment if you have a chance. I'd love to hear from you! Have a great day!