Saturday, March 10, 2007

6 Months Ago...

I was challenged to celebrate and write about my life as uneventful as it may be from day to day. Cowtown Stacy said "I have a life worth writing about. Celebrate it, 'cause so do you. Get to it! Be remarkable!"

She inspired me to start a blog but I am just now getting around to actually writing something. I have been pondering this first entry for 6 months...really, I'm terribly intimidated by the writing of the other women who's blogs I read. UGH! Part of me hopes that no one ever reads what I write and part of me is writing just for them. All of these other women I know through a message board, I love being a part of this community and I truly feel that I know some of these women but I don't feel like I am letting them get to know me. I guess that my hope is that I will be able to write for myself as if no one is reading and let them in. I hope will be able to write without feeling intimidated, self conscious or afraid. Without worrying if I'm liked, approved of, agreed with, being entertaining, inspiring or even writing something worth reading. Wow, I sound like I have serious issues! Maybe I should just end this now, publish it and get my first entry out of the way!

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