Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Shhhhhh....It's A Surprise!

I have secretly been planning a trip for Doug...he wants to play golf on Hilton Head island and I am gonna make that happen. I have a room booked for him and his friend Larry for November. I'm checking on flights and Larry is actually checking his budget, if it doesn't pan out for him I'm not sure who I'll invite, yikes! But I'm pretty sure he'll make it work...his wife is my best friend and Larry loves a good round of golf! Anyway...I've started looking at courses and making a list to call and reserve tee times. I want him to play at Harbor Town...the PGA holds a tournament there each year I believe and he would think I am so COOL! (He thinks I'm cool anyway but you know where I'm going with this...). I am checking on rental cars and I am going to request the time off of work for him from his boss. It helps that his boss is also a personal friend so I have no problem sending him an email to say "Hey Jim, Doug needs 4 days off in November cuz I am a really cool wife and am sending him on a mancation!" I hope I'm not forgetting anything...I've never been on a mancation myself, or even a golf weekend for that matter. Trip to Disney, no problem, got it covered right down to the last character buffet dinner and where to find the coolest penny smashing machine...but golf is not really in my realm of expertise. Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

The best part about planning this trip for him is that I am going to pay for it all MYSELF. Since I have been working at Meijer I have been stashing away the cash (except for the expenses that I got the job to cover in the first place). His birthday is September 23rd and he is going to be shocked! He thought the 40" LCD Hi-def TV he got for Father's Day was cool? Just wait!

I do have to admit that I am a little bit afraid of his reaction...what if he would have rather me used this money for something else? Like the credit card we're trying to pay off...I think he'll get over it but I'm still a little bit reserved...