Friday, February 22, 2013

January Canvas Create

Awesome fun creating this!! Thanks to Donna Downey's 2013 Series.
There are lots of things I wish I'd done differently but I love it just the same. I learned tons from creating this piece and I am planning a sister canvas with a star...that rigid wrap is cool!

Supplies used:
11x14 Canvas
Golden Fluid Acrylics: Teal, Quinacridone Magenta, Quinacridone Nickle Azo Gold, Permanent Violet Dark, Anthraquidone Blue, Pyrrole Orange, Diarylide Yellow,  and Turquois (Phthalo)
Simply Simmons Brushes: 1" Flat Wash and #8 Round
Rigid Wrap (This is basically the old fashioned plaster they used to use for casts for broken bones.)

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Have a fantastic day!!


Marjie Kemper said...

Totally gorgeous! Wish I was doing CC again this year... this looks fab!

Dawn Jones said...

Thank you Marjie!!