Friday, August 24, 2012

I'm baaaaack....

on my blog that is (I don't think that I was ever missing from any other aspect of my life but I guess I can't be sure myself, can I?) and I've made some changes! Not nearly enough changes but it will suffice for now. I have spent this summer doing many things...We have had "Make It Mondays", "Take A Trip Tuesdays" (which almost never actually occurred on Tuesday, whatever), "Wet Wednesdays" and "Frozen Fridays". The frozen refers to ice cream so of course Fridays were my favorite! We've seen movies, attended soccer camps, made s'mores, played golf, redecorated Sam's room, attended a Fire game, took the train downtown to see Doug's office and have lunch at The Mart, enjoyed time with friends, had a PJ day (or 3) and took our annual trip to Castlerock Lake in Wisconsin to camp with the Bennetts. I think it is safe to say a good summer was had by all and the kids were sad to see summer come to an end.

I have also done one other very important thing this summer...I have decided what I want to be when I grow up! After much soul searching, contemplating, researching, journaling and reflecting I have decided I am going to be an Artist or that I am an Artist (depending on who you ask I suppose).

I posted this to my friends on Facebook:

What are the "requirements" for calling yourself an artist? Do you have to have taken classes, sold a piece of your work, have your work on display somewhere? Is is a title where there are no "requirements" unlike that of say a doctor? I'm curious...what do you think?

My favorite answer came from my friend Jennifer who happens to be an art teacher. She said if you create an original piece you are an artist.  

There you have it, I am an artist!

One other response that I got from my friend Craig who is a performing artist said that for other people to take me seriously as an artist I need to sell my work or have it displayed in a gallery setting. His is a respectable opinion and one I took seriously even though it did not come with the instant gratification that I so loved of Jennifer's.

To that end I have gotten to work! I am participating in what is called The Sketchbook Project 2013. I was sent this humble sketchbook to fill with whatever my heart desires.

When it is complete I will mail it back to the Art House Co-op. My book will be cataloged and then taken on a tour of the country. It will be on display in numerous locations including Chicago during 2013. Once the tour is over it will live forever at the Brooklyn Art Library therefore putting my work on display. This project is making me very happy! It might not be exactly what Craig had in mind when leaving his comment but I'm working towards a goal and goals are good!

If you have interest in this project you can find information or sign up here The Sketchbook Project 2013.

I just received the materials for another project in the mail today! Since it just came I don't have a picture to share yet. When finished this one will be on display in Huntersville, South Carolina at Donna Downey Studios. Donna Downey is a fun and fantastic multi media artist that I had the pleasure of taking a class with this summer. 

Finally, (if you've made it this far thank you!) I have returned to my blog here and figure in this age of the internet I can make this my own public "gallery" of sorts. I am on an Art Journey! Care to come along?



Linda said...

Good for you-you go girl! Yes, you are an artist. I've heard of the sketchbook project and I believe I know the project you're rferring to for Donna Downey (I won't spoil it). I was considering that one recently.
Love your loose and "drippy" journal pages-thanks for sharing, and keep at it!

Dawn said...

Thank you so much Linda! Your kind words mean the world to me!

Janet said...

I am on that journey with you Dawn! I got Brave and started my blog in June... deciding that if I was going to BE who I wanted to BE... then I was just going to JUMP IN with both feet! I started art journaling in 2010 but never thought of myself as an artist till this year. Duh. What do we do to ourselves? We are our own worst critics! Now, I am an artist! And so are you! So just get in there and make a mess!

Coach Craig said...

It is with the utmost respect that I congratulate you on your endeavour! I am humbled by your opinion of both me and my comment to the question you posed on FB.

I look forward to seeing your artwork soon.

- Craig