Thursday, August 2, 2007

Plan B...

Well....Larry let me down on the Hilton Head trip for Doug's birthday. Not in the budget for this year on such short notice. So...Plan B is for the two of them to go to Wisconsin for the weekend, I've requested the time off and looked into courses and tee times. Not sure if they are going to stay at Larry's dad's or at the Bennett's camper. Either place would be fun for the two of them, the camper although less luxurious than Larry Sr.'s new house, is on the lake and they would have access to a boat a couple of really cool bars. Larry can decide...Doug will be happy just to be going away. I'm not as happy as if I were sending him to Hilton Head but I will get over it.

There is just one more wrench threatening to be thrown into my plan...when will Sam's first soccer game of the season be? His coaches are deciding whether or not to play in a tournament Labor Day weekend. If they do that will be great...if not I may have to spoil my surprise and tell Doug of my plans and let him choose if he wants to go away and miss Sam's first game or cancel the trip. GGGRRRRRR.

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